This has been sitting in my drafts folder since June 2010.

So long ago, in fact, that I don’t remember writing it. It ‘reads’ like me – then and now.

I’m publishing it here as a purge. A memory of my hardest, darkest days and how I got through them.

You Are Your Own Story

You are a story that you wrote yourself. Your life and how its lived, the people you meet and fall in love with, the challenges you face – all were written a long time ago. Written by you.

When you consider this, when you believe that it is possible, life won’t be such a darn struggle. You’ll come to the place of understanding and acceptance. The place of knowing that life is a journey with all its ups and downs.

Life is a story, your story, and you wrote it.

You might not have written it completely on your own. Perhaps God helped you write that story or some other co-creator. What is certain however, is that you wrote, at least a fair share of it.

You wrote your past. You wrote your present. You have already written your future.

Use your imagination and play along with me.

Imagine that you’re a soul without a body. You know you’re headed back to earth again; just as soon as you get your story written.

You have a few writers’ guidelines: (a) one or two (or ten or twenty) other souls that need to integrate into your story life, (b) lessons that you need to learn this time around, and (c) the joys and blessings that will keep you going when times get tough.

Maybe your story won’t be that specific; maybe you’re coming back as a creative type that ‘wings’ it.

Maybe you don’t get to choose your parents or skin color, or life skills. Maybe the story is nothing more than percentages of what you choose to accomplish and how much further advanced you want to be by the end of the life you’re about to start.

If that’s the case, you might just be tabulating percentages, then handing the recipe to God for final approval.

  • 5% heartbreak
  • 15% easy street
  • 25% gifted (skills and abilities)
  • 10% loss
  • 5% tenure
  • 40% lessons*

Lessons can be easy or they can be difficult.

An easy lesson would be reaping the benefits of spiritual discovery. The work behind this lesson is hours in meditation, weeks pouring over books written by the masters, months of sitting at a guru’s feet in a far off temple. That’s an easy lesson – a little time and trouble for a huge blessing in return.

Difficult lessons, for example, might be regarding racism or bigotry. This time around you’re taking on the understanding of not being “privileged”, or not being of the majority in your culture. That’s a hard lesson. A burden you may carry until your dying day. Take it to your grave and your soul may be altered, embittered. In that case you might end this trip on planet Earth with soul regression instead of advancement.

Enough hypothetical theories! To go on further would be moot. The purpose of this post is to get your creative brain thinking about your life in a way that isn’t all about this particular day, or your particular luck during this time of your life.

The purpose is to help you realize that no matter how hard your life may seem, you created it.

You wrote that story.

And if you wrote the story, you can change the ending.

Get right in there and edit out anything that doesn’t serve you.

Turn a few pages and introduce wonderful new experiences into your life.

Just remember that the hardships you’re suffering from right now, you chose them.

Know that, and you can learn to love the hardships. Love them because they shape you. By living through them you conquer them.

All the while, your soul is advancing.

When you look at life this way, life becomes easy, fun, and intriguing. Hardships are more easily endured.

Life is not meant to be suffered, it is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to be a learning experience. Embrace that!

Your life is a story. You are the author. Edit, insert, delete, at your will.


*I’ve always imagined lessons to be chosen for each of us by the collective. And while 40% of a lifetime dedicated to lessons might seem high by human standards, the collective knows that souls must advance at a faster rate now than we did a few generations ago.