New Laura Childs’ Book

Just signed the contract with Skyhorse Publishing Company last week and am really excited about this new book I’m authoring. The fabulous and supportive Ann Treistman (Senior Editor at Skyhorse) is in direct contact by email, replying within a day to my queries and requests. I feel as though I’ve worked with her before…

The book is an introduction to raising farm animals for the purpose of growing your own food – of which I have a serious passion. The best part is the perspective from which I’ll write. You see I’ve lived on both sides of the farm gate, both sides of the barnyard fence.



Having grown up in downtown Toronto from the ages 12-30, I was never truly certain of the foods I purchased in the grocery store, never fully aware of what I was buying in those neat little styrofoam trays…and I didn’t care much either as my life back then faciliated eating out most meals and in much smaller quantities!

After moving to farm country and dining at the tables of 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation farmers I began to enjoy my meals more. Not only did they taste better, but I was becoming stronger and healthier every year. No steroids, no growth hormones, no additives nor meat plumpers. I don’t have the scientific research to damn the large chains over how they grow and supply our food en masse, but I can tell you that I’ve never felt better and I’m older than the prime of my life.

It wasn’t long after moving to the country, months really, that I began growing my own chickens, goats, pigs – and loving every minute of it. The work or daily chores are inconsequential when the food hits the table. Especially so when you’re feeding your children. You only want the best into those growing bodies!

The book won’t be released to the public until early 2010, but I’ve only a few short months to finish writing my first edit. In the meantime, there’s the proposed book cover (above), sent by the publishing house, for you to view or comment on.

The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon at the link below (which is a money saving idea as I believe this book will launch at $14.77, but if you pre-order you’ll get it at the posted price, saving approximately 35%. On the other hand, if the launch price lowers, you will receive a rebate from Amazon).


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